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Projects/2000/4._Cosas que nunca he escrito (Things that I have never written)
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The material used for the installation Cosas que nunca he escrito (Things that I have never written) consists of written papers that I usually found on my everyday way in the city. I have been collecting these peculiar papers from April 1999.

Everything began one evening in the tube when I found a folded letter while waiting for the train. I was going to my studio when I saw this folded hand-written paper. I took it from the floor and began to read. It said the following:
Dear Mariona,
It is 17.30 and I am now at the Barcelona airport waiting for a plane that has by now a delay of 1 hour. I mean, it was supposed to land off at 18.30 and now we will have to wait, in principle, till 19.30.


It was a letter but I was not its addressee, and Mariona was not there. Who could be Mariona? After reading, I folded the paper again as I found it and kept it with me. I wondered if this paper that was now with me was a fragment of a letter, if there existed a final version in Mariona’s possession, if my unknown writer ever finished her letter, if she ever took the plane, if she ever met her friend again, if... I folded the paper and took the train that was arriving at the station. Some hours later, when traveling back home from my studio, I saw a similar folded paper on a wagon’s floor. It was a paper written on both sides and folded three times. I took it and unfolded it. I began to read: they were a tourism student notes. It read:

free time    time off after the everyday obligations
leisure time   time that we dedicate to non productive occupations
recreation    group of activities that we realise during our leisure time

I kept these documents and added them to others that I already had and, little by little, I began creating the narrative corpus of this installation. I just have to go to find the pages of a book that is already written: I just have to collect the pieces, recover them form oblivion and assign them an order in my installation.

Exhibited: Showroom 0013, HANGAR, Barcelona (ES) in 2000