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View quicktime (14.4 MB) Details: Digital video 22 min. Conceived, directed and realised by Consol Rodríguez. Computer feedback by Mattin. Text by Paula Roush

A video that rehearses a cinematographic counterpart to conversations with people the artist encountered during her stay in London in 2002-2003. The dialogue works as a link with themes such as geographical displacement, urban migration and diasporic living with references to localised areas of Inner London. As the film unveils the fate of the ‘promised land’, both the travellers and the viewers’ expectations become suspended and unresolved in a monochromatic ambience of nocturnal uninterrupted snow

Journey and stroll are determined ways to move or re-move oneself in between borders, be they transnational or transurban. With Promises, this intention is closer to the dérive, a rather irrational exploration of the built space, where the situation opens itself to indeterminacy. In the artist’s project, the soundscape of words resounds as an evolving mental map to a city whose contours are constantly evolving. The disembodied space, from which all traces of personal visual identity have been removed, is manifested only through the fragments of histories where any feeling of shared community is subtly but constantly disrupted by heavy gates of abstract noise. Promises are like night vision: always at the edge of a fall.

Exhibited: Next 5 Minutes 4 (International Festival of Tactical Media), Amsterdam (NL) and at London Print Studio, London (UK) in 2003