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Details: Short animated film. Duration: 6 min. Produced, directed and realised by Consol Rodríguez. Voice talent: Jonathan Savage. With the collaboration of Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Cultura

Born as a follow-up project of previous work Personal Geographies and Other Drawings, this 6' animated short film presents the subject of crime in the city from a pseudo-detached, humorous and ironic point of view. As someone said some time ago: "Fantasy consoles us from what we are not; humour, from what we are".

Thus, fluctuating between fantasy and humour, Murder introduces us to the beginning of a cruel story somewhere in a bygone, re-invented –though never-existing– South London; as well as to a group of stereotypical characters oddly related to the fictional world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes' novels, and the aesthetics of 50's-60's low budget animation.

Passion and evil, insecurity and fragility, impotence and incompetence, premeditation and malice, crime and violence are some of the issues discussed –or quickly noted– in the dialogue of the fictional characters that populate Murder's city.

Murder's hypothetical, fictional cityscape stands as a symbol for a still dangerous contemporary London. Its story stays unfinished; its reality, masked; its crime, unsolved; its end, open.