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Projects/2008/1._Garaia Collaboration Room
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Details: Collaborative project for Garaia Innovation Centre at Mondragón (ES),comissioned by Disonancias (3rd edition) and Garaia Innovation Centre, Euskadi, 2007–2008. Project in collaboration with Mariano Maturana.

This project investigates new services that put into practice various models of communication between companies, educational institutions, and work & research groups associated with Garaia Innovation Centre. This communication must work at three levels: within a work group, between work groups, and from these groups outwards.

An on-line archive was designed to chart the research process. The best way to understand the work process is to visit the archive's blog at:

The final proposal for Garaia Collaboration Room suggested communication from two spaces: the virtual and the presential. The virtual associated with TICs (Technology Innovation Centres), and the presential associated with spaces for meetings and work activity.

After an interaction process via visits to Mondragón, meetings and the exchanging of ideas with Andoni Gartzia and Angel Arboníes from the Garaia Innovation Centre, the design of a collaboration room was proposed as the centre's collaborative advantage. A room for temporary use, with a playful creative atmosphere, offering collaboration and creativity as innovation advantages. To design this space we built our proposal around six concepts that we consider essential in order to innovate: interaction, visual thought, beauty, fun, abundance and tools.

Collaboration is key. Competition is a cultural human phenomenon, not something constitutive of the biological. As a human phenomenon competition is established through the negation of the other. Competing companies are prevented from cooperating, and life is not possible without cooperation.