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Projects/2009/1._L'Arbre de la Llibertat i altres històries (The Tree of Liberty and Other Stories)
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Kijimuna is an ubiquitous fairy who inhabits the hollow space of big old gajimaru (banyan trees) on the isle of Okinawa. I happened to get to know the existence of this Japanese folkloric sprite or goblin by chance and out of curiosity. I had just finished reading an article by engineer Rolf Behncke titled A Fairy in Okinawa. On his article, Behncke reflects on the importance of a natural low calorie diet for a healthy long life, presenting Okinawa as the sample that corroborated this idea – Okinawa has the highest proportion of long-lived centennial of the world, their degenerative disease index being one third lower than in the rest of Japan; an elusive and kind fairy must have touched them, Behncke ironically concludes. After some research I found that, coincidentally, Behncke’s hypothetical good fairy had a folkloric correlative specific to the isle of Okinawa: this was Kijimuna.

For the past five years*, Behncke’s writings included, I have intensely been engaged with reading on nutrition, getting to know the perspective of scientists who are today actively involved in the field of research of degenerative disease –cancer, brain-vascular, cardiovascular, autoimmune diseases…– and learning and applying the simple, even humble, methods to prevent, thwart and fight them.

Fortunately nowadays there is ample available information that present and explain how substances naturally found in foods have the biochemical ability to prevent, hinder, and reverse degenerative-disease-promoting mechanisms in the body and how diet is the secret, the fairy, to stay away from them. Confusingly enough biotechnology companies today are busy creating designer drugs to conquer these terrible degenerative diseases sometimes with even more terrible methods, whilst some visionary innovators of the new science of food endevour to make public and share their many years of scientific research practice to explain how genetic and cellular forces work together to cause them.

We or our loved ones might have or not personally been touched by one of these terrible diseases, as I was, but just the idea of them has the power to worry us all.

This is how this blog was born: as an attempt to make a compilation of simple, humble but nutritious and healthy recipes and facts on health benefits found in natural foods, as a reference pool to share this knowledge with others and as trampoline to interesting sources of reference I found during all these past years and might find still today.